Friday, July 20, 2012

Wow, what a week

Promise I haven't forgotten you guys. :) *bad me* You know how it is when family comes to town, especially when town happens to be one of the largest tourist mecca's in all of the world. You have fun! Sadly, they're getting ready to leave Monday. :( Which is a bummer, we always have fun, but on the upside I will be able to get back into writing/editing full swing again. Wonderful part is all the fun I had totally recharged my battery and last night I managed to bang out a good 5 pages in wolf's story, so yay me. ;)

In other news I'd planned to publish Gerard by the first and I'm still very much hoping and plan to get my butt in gear and work on cranking it out today. If I can finish up the last of my edits, I'll finally be able to get it formatted and then upload for sale. Though I don't have a crowd of fans clamoring for book 2 so not sure anyone will care just yet! LOL.

My plan is to get my five book series out first, then look at really promoting the thing hard. These books are novellas, not my usual forte, I tend to write and read longer stories, but it's much easier to write a 5 book series when they're novellas, I figured that was a way to get a good backlist happening while I work on my full length sequels. I've got 2 books that will be at least a 3 book series. I'm really excited to release both, but I know if you have several books out there you're more apt to start gaining fans then you are if you release one full length every year. That's not the best way to keep fans around, especially when you're as brand spanking new as I am.

Though I won't lie and say I haven't tried to do a little promoting, I did join goodreads and bought a very small advertising spot. More to test the waters, if this promotion doesn't work then I'll know not to throw 200-300 dollars at it, want to find the best bang for my buck. I know some writers keep saying just write, the amazon algorithms will eventually find you and as long as you've got good tag words that's all the promotion  you need, but I'm thinking that's not true for all books. I researched tags for Hatter and I can tell you this week I've gotten 5 downloads, 2 of them from the U.K. (which is pretty cool as I had no idea I was pubbing outside the US at all). But still, don't like those numbers at all. And maybe I'm just too impatient and it will eventually happen, but when I can't figure out how to get onto the scroll (buyers who bought this also bought that) list, I literally have no idea how to get that kind of exposure. So I'll keep tweaking it and hoping I'll eventually figure this madness out. :D

In the meantime though, I guess I'll just keep writing. ;)


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