Saturday, July 28, 2012


Gerard's Butler *fingers crossed* should be up for sale no later than Monday! YAY... how exciting! :) Also, here's the next best part... I'm enrolling it in the Kindle Select Program, which means 5 free days!

I'll let you all know when it goes free, I'm really hoping to have some success with this and hopefully start getting some name recognition.

I've got some big plans after this as well. I'm looking to release a full length single title paranormal: The Witching Hour (Grim Reaper Saga) by the end of the month August, early September. And another Single Title: Dream Weaver after that one. Lots of exciting things brewing in the land of Marie.

I know it probably seems like I'm writing much too fast, fact is I actually have an extensive backlist of books that go back 10 years! Books I've published before that have rights reverted back to me and books I wrote and didn't know what to do with and just stuck it away. I'm dusting off my stuff and hopefully it'll find happy homes inside Kindles, Nooks, Kobos... etc. :)

I also hit a milestone, for me anyway... today I sold my 50th book on Amazon. Exactly 3 weeks from the date of my first release. I know that's small beans, but hey... that's huge for me! Every little bit counts, yes?

Excited to do my SSS tomorrow and will be dusting off a book I hope to have uploaded by the start of next year: Fire in the Sky, my New Adult Crossover... the darn thing couldn't decide whether to be adult or young adult, so I'm jumping on that new adult bandwagon with this one.. anyway, it's a time travel set in the Old West during the time of the gold rush, Ancient Aztec, the Future (several hundred years forward...) mix in a heavy dose of super powered butt kicking, some romance, tons of action, thriller, mystery and that's Fire in the Sky! So excited to release that one, it's my baby and a true blood, sweat, and tears type of thing. The series is called Chaos Time and right now, as it stands, it's looking to be a 3 book series. But they're long, almost 400 pages for the first one and the second book (which I'm currently working on when I'm not working on my Kingdom Series) is looking to be roughly the same.

Have a great weekend!


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