Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors: A Moment Part 3

From my soon to be released New Adult novel: A Moment.

“No matter what happens after tonight, I will never regret this.” I don’t look away from him, trying to let him know I understand what we’re doing and I’m still a willing participant.

My heart is racing, my nerves shot.

“I love you,” he whispers and I’m so stunned I never think to say it back.

I can’t do anything other than blink.

There are times, you know, when a man tells you they love you, and it means nothing. It’s like saying hi, or see you later. Meaningless jabber that they hope will get them into your pants. But this… this is different.

I call this the moment you know it's real... :)

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Judy DeVries said...

Oh, I hope he don't misunderstand her not answering and get mad at her. Such suspense. :-)

Marie Hall said...

LOL... Judy, you'll have to just wait and see. ;)

Melinda Dozier said...

Awwww, so sweet! I totally believe in those moments!

India Masters said...

Oh, you are so right in everything you wrote. We've all been victims of the get in your pants I love you. Great 8!

Veronica Scott said...

I hope she's right. Excellent excerpt, definitely makes me want to keep reading more without delay!

History Sleuth said...

Very good snippet! You nailed that feeling she has so well. I was thinking, "So true." Great job.

Teresa Cypher said...

Beautiful, Marie! So true: "It’s like saying hi, or see you later."

Well done! I can't believe how fast you wrote this book! Straight from the heart, methinks. :-)