Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Hook!

Update time:

Sorry it's been a while guys. Apparently in the state of Hawaii a one week Spring Break isn't good enough, this year they decided to make it two weeks. Which means I've still got the monkeys at home, which slows my writing time down considerably. But, you'd be proud... because I'm still making time whenever I've got a minute to spare.

So I've got a little bit of an update available for you! An excerpt of Hook, Trisha's first impressions:

First thing Trisha noticed was the eyes. So dark they appeared almost inky in the candlelight room. Flecks of silver, like stardust, rimmed the irises. She’d never seen eyes like his before, but beyond their color was their shape and the length of his lashes. Lashes a woman would envy, long and curled at the tips and a shade of black that she could only achieve with mascara.

The second was the set of his broad lips. They weren’t full, or too thin, but just right as Goldilocks’ might have said.

And the third was that he had a sword pointed at her neck and was pushing in enough that she knew blood would spill if she even breathed too hard.

Hook is probably my most villanous of the five. But really, he had to be, right? He wouldn't be Hook if he wasn't. ;)

Also, I'm halfway done with it now!! I hate to set deadlines because life rarely works out that way, especially with self-publishing, but I can say I'm making very steady progress. ;)

Happy reading,


Jayn Wilde said...

OOH! Love the snippet. Through and through bad boy, eh? LOL Can't wait for more!! Oh and here on the East Coast of the US, our kids got a shortened spring break to make up for days missed thanks to Hurricane Sandy. I feel for you though... 24 hours into the weekend and all four of mine were already "bored" SIGH LOL

Looking forward to more!!

Judy DeVries said...

You tease. Letting us all hang with a sword at her neck. :-)

No kids in school but they do have two weeks here as well in Arizona.

Marie Hall said...

Thanks, Jayn. Yes, Hook is defintely and definantly bad. Which makes him so much fun to write about. ;)

And yes, the monkey's are restless.

Marie Hall said...

Well, I have to keep you hooked. ;)

And Arizona also doesn't have daylight's savings, right? I find I actually prefer not having to set back the clocks. :p

Tami said...

2 weeks is way too long of a springbreak!! Thank goodness mine was only a week here. Of course the weather was so cruddy that the kids were all going nuts this time around so maybe that's why I was ready for it to end so quickly, haha.

Ohhh I still can not wait for this book! That tease just made it worse ;-).

He sounds wonderfully dark and delicious!

Marie Hall said...

He is delicious. I love a villain, they're unabashedly bad and that's okay because they can be. Makes their storyline much more fun, I think I'm a lot like Danika in that regard. Prince charming always bored me, it was the bad boy I always crushed over. ;)