Friday, March 22, 2013

Next Hook update and a teaser :)

Oh my gosh y'all, Hook is dastardly. He's deliciously wicked and I'm having so much fun writing him. I won't give too much away, this is just a teaser, but I love him. ;)

Hook stared at the strumpet lying on the bed. The powdered wig she wore lay skewed on her head, revealing a hint of frizzy brown beneath. Her painted face, with the fake mole over her top lip, and doxy red lips made his stomach curdle.

Drink made him do stupid things.

Shaking her shoulders roughly he woke her up. “Get out,” he growled the moment she opened bloodshot eyes.


Curling his lips, he slipped his boots back on. “Out. Now.”

“But… but…” she sputtered and turned his back on her.

“Woman, I’ll give you two seconds to gather your unmentionables, get out of my cabin, because so help me, if you don’t…I’ll toss you overboard.”
*g* he's delicious isn't he? ;)
Also, to everyone spreading the word about my books, thanks guys. Seriously... I always say it but I really do have amazing fans.
I heart you guys!
Happy reading,
~Marie :)

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Joselyn Raquel Moreno Burke said...

oh my god he sounds sooooo *---* I know I will love him can't wait for you to release the book already