Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Want to join my street team?

So what is that exactly you might ask, well... that's a way for my readers who enjoy my books to help me out. In exchange for signing up through my facebook street team page, and telling others about my books (honestly... I never ask anyone to promote what they don't like) there will be prizes in store.

Things that I'll do only for you guys. :) Things like gift cards, sneak peeks to books I won't post anywhere else, and other things I won't say yet but I promise will be absolutely awesome! The only thing I ask is use the web, tell others, and help me let the world know my books exist. :)

Below is the link to my facebook page:!/groups/583074978372221/

I'll also be sticky'ing this page so that you can refer others to it.

Again, no pressure anybody. This is supposed to be fun and that's all I want it to be. I'm not asking anyone to post bogus reviews or anything else ridiculous, I just want you to tell others about my books if you like them enough to share them. That's it! :)

Happy reading,
~Marie :D


Gaele said...

Of COURSE I do.. I mean - really -- who doesn't want me ??


Marie Hall said...

HAHAHAHAHA! You just made me spit coffee! :p I <3 you, girlie.

Jayn Wilde said...

Awesome! (re) subbed and requested to join the "team" ;)