Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kingdom fans, unite

Okay, guys and gals... I have a favor to ask you. I'm writing a scene where Trishelle meets a friend, a mermaid to be exact. But I don't have a name.


So, anyone who responds to this post within the next days will be entered into the raffle to have their name, or the name of their choosing appear within the book as a mermaid, or merman as the case might be. Though you'll have to be gay because otherwise Hook will have some serious beef with you, just sayin'.

Anyway.... say hi, tell me your name or whatever name you want and please be kind, don't call her twinkle toes fluffy bunny, because then I might have to use that name and I'll put you in the introduction and let the whole world know it's your fault for making me write about such a ridiculous name. Yes, I'm petty that way. *wink*

This contest is open to my goodreads blogger readers too. Two days guys. :)

Say hi!

That is all,

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Hillary M. said...

Okay I just had some random ideas so I'm gonna post them here - what about Jal, Amane, Ama, Neeru, Amazi, Aegoa, Vellam, Paani or Jala? All of those mean "water" in other languages and would be super cool for a female mermaid's name :-)

I'm gonna post this on goodreads too (not sure which one you read more) so if you're wondering why you're getting a repeat comment that's why

Can't wait to read it!

Julie Gutierrez said...

Hey could you use the name Julie? That's my name and that would be so cool if my name was in your book! :D

jessica braun said...

Kaito for a male, Nyssa for a female. Avril would also be nice for a female. Kai would be cool for either. Whatever you draw will work great. So many great suggestions so far. Good luck

CopperGoddess said...

How about Sirenade, as a place on the siren myths for the female. And Sircco for the male.

Marie Hall said...

Wow, you guys are killing the names, like seriously. I love 'em. When I said my fans rocked, I was totally right. ;)

Amelia Antwiler said...

Looks like Hillary had the same idea I did...water names.
The other ones I had were the Hawaiian names: Aolani (Cloud from heaven) or Kamea (Precious one). Mirielle, French, (Sea Bright)But too close to Trish's full name. Maybe it could be shortened to Miri?

And of course, Amelia can be spelled multiple ways. =D

Can't wait to read your books (All signed up for the newsletter!)

Stephanie Serrano said...

Caleb, Orion and Xian (sigh-an) for a guy, Lily, Luna,Pearl, Serenity, River and Eos for a girl maybe lol

Marie Hall said...

Ohhh... there are some good names, how in the world am I going to pick????

Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest Maiven, Serah, Jade or Sehrena.

Stephanie Serrano said...

Ok my last ideas for names these are all ocean or water based names for a guy Dorian, Rive, Kai, Rocio, and Torlan and for girls Lynn, Nadia, Una, Meri, Rillie, Narissa, Kaia, Talya, Kelda, and Cora. Ok lol I'm done for sure now

Marie Hall said...

Stephanie, I'm using Xian for another book. I love that name and will give you credit for it. ;)

Everyone else, keep 'em comin'! Love this. :D I'll pick my winner tomorrow. :)

Lauren Anderson said...

Gabriella, Drucilla, Maya?