Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lots of updates( Hook's Pan, Her Mad Hatter contest, etc..)

So, I receive a lot of emails from you readers wondering when Hook will be up for sale. I decided to be kind and post regular updates on the progress of the book. I can tell you that it's nearly 50% completed.

There's been a couple of bumps in the road (namely real life) that forced me to set the book aside to take  care of things, but it is progressing nicely. :) I wish I could set a hard date of when publication will happen, but being Indie means I don't always know. Regular publishers can take months, even years to set a publication date which is why the sale dates rarely get pushed back, an author can literally have a year to write a novella. In this case, an Indie author writes, edits, edits some more and then publishes, so it's really depending on how quickly those factors can take place.

What I can say is that Hook's Pan will be my next book published and that I really hope it'll be worth the wait. :D

Also, I received an awesome email yesterday from The Romance Reviews website. My book, Her Mad Hatter, has been nominated one of 2012's best paranormal romances. How AWESOME you guys are!!! This is a reader nominated award, and the fact that you guys have stuck my book up there with some heavy hitters of paranormal... I'm just floored.

If any of you would like to vote for my book, or any other book... here's the link:

TRR Nominations

In the next few days I'll start posting tiny snippets of Hook as well, so keep coming back. I think you'll enjoy reading them. :)

Happy reading!

P.S. Wednesday I'll be running a bookbub ad for my book The Witching Hour: Grim Reaper Saga, if any of you could tweet or FB posts about it, that would be super. The book has been dropped from it's normal 2.99 to .99 for this promotion. So if you haven't read it yet, now's the time to get a copy before it goes back up to regular price next week! :)

The Witching Hour: Grim Reaper Saga


Deena said...

Thank you for the update!! Off to vote for you :)

Jayn Wilde said...

Voting for you!! Thank you for the updates and can't wait for the snippets. :)

Marie Hall said...

Thanks ladies! :)

Jayn Wilde said...

Just finished The Witching Hour. And, yes, I've been reading since earlier today. O.M.G. Loved it! I was laughing and crying...by the end I was a mess. But, I loved EVERY second of it!!!