Sunday, June 17, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #7

So a new offering for you. This is from my completed novel Death and the Crimson Night, here we're being introduced to the main protag of the tale. Pandora, a Nephilim conflicted with who she's supposed to be vs. who she really is.

The night rang with the cacophonous pitch of rides and the thrilling screams and laughter of riders. Some type of heavy metal played over the loudspeaker, too loud for me to tell who it was. Knowing Luc, it was probably something creepy and mood setting, a-la Black Sabbath.

I watched the scene with cold detachment, not paying much attention to the women or children. I wasn’t into that sorta thing. I preferred my prey young, muscular, and full of testosterone.

Don't forget to tell the Dad in your life Happy Father's Day! Have a great one! :)


Ann Swann said...

Whew...that last line tells the tale! Can't wait to see what happens next...great job!

Teresa Cypher said...

Oh...sinister! Excellent job setting up the scene, Linda :-) ! The dark music, the emotional detachment from an otherwise happy scene...and looking for her prey. Nice!

Linda Adams said...

Thanks all! :D That is the first book of my Death series. Wrote book 1 4 years ago, am just now plotting book 2... LOL. How's that for procrastination! :p

Teresa Cypher said...

lol...nah, Linda. I don't see it as procrastination. It just had to age a bit--like a good wine. :-) I understand! :-)