Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why I know writers are the smartest people on the planet

Have you ever wondered, as I have, 'man, if the cops ever needed to crack into my hard drive they'd swear I was a bank robber/drug dealer/professional race car driver/gourmet chef/vampire/soccer mom!'

Seriously think about it. Writers tend to know the most random, useless, impossibly brilliant tidbits of information about almost everything. I write about countries I've never stepped foot in, yet I know the peak of their altitude, the country's population, general demographic, old stories, and even a smattering (though probably version of their language.

One day I'd love to see a writer get on some trivia show like Jeopardy, I'd be willing to bet we'd go very very far.

So to all the brew masters/herbalists/wiccan shapeshifting wolfie mermaids out there...

I salute you! And cops if you're reading this, I swear that article on how to make a bomb shelter is totally research!!  *g*

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