Monday, June 18, 2012

Another gorgeous cover!!!

Seriously ya'll don't be jealous but I've got the bestest cover artists in the world! ;) This is my cover to the second (as yet to be completed) book in my Death Series! She's just gorgeous! *g*

The pink stuff at top is actually Dia de los Muertos skulls. Aren't they divine? The setting for book 2 is in Mexico during the, you guessed it, Dia de los Muertos celebration. Wow did Kelsey outdo herself!! If you guys are looking for cover artists check out or both come highly recommended by me! And the artists are super easy to work with and very affordable! ;)

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Ann Swann said...

Your covers are beautiful...I love the colors! I will definitely keep the artists in mind. Also, if they are looking for exposure, Jenna Johnson wants to interview cover artists for her blog Just have them tell her I sent them! Oh, and congrats to you. You are on a roll!