Friday, June 15, 2012

Trend shifts, yet again...


Apparently NY is pretty sick of Urban Fantasy's right now. Which I'm not terribly surprised to hear about. A couple of months ago I shopped around a manuscript to agents which 3 years ago (yes, I shopped it around before) garnered several requests, ultimately getting passed up because they either had too many UF authors on their roster, or they couldn't quite connect with my heroine. Which, she can be sort of sharp. LOL... But this time when I did it I noticed a much less enthusiastic reception. I switched up several of the plot elements and practicially rewrote the first three chapters to it. Out of 20 queries, I got one bite and she told me she loved it, but UF's were a tough sale.

So now it seems things are shifting again. Sci-fi, the ugly red-headed stepsister is starting to inspire editors again.

Epic fantasy's are no more popular than before. Authors were hoping since Game of Thrones there'd be a rise in readership for it, but there doesn't actually seem to be and in fact a number of editors aren't buying them, with a rare few exceptions.

I guess if you're like me hang on to those UF's/epic Fantasy's because everything is cyclical and eventually an author, movie, or (insert whatnot here) will make them popular again.

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