Thursday, August 29, 2013

Who are you? What is your purpose in this life?

Never fear, Marie is here to put that existential crisis to rest. Want to know who you are, what is your purpose in this big, vast world??? I've found the solution and so can you! It's called: Animal Personality Quiz *grin*

So okay, while this may not answer all of life's questions it was really fun and very strangely accurate. Not to mention it gave me cool results so I'm all for it. *VBG*

Wild Cat
Genus and species:
Felis sylvestris
Collective Term:
A clowder of wildcats
Careers and Hobbies
Travel agent
Famous Wild Cats
Michelle Pfeiffer
Heather Locklear
"Of all God's creatures, there is only one that cannot be made slave of the lash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat." ~Mark Twain

Wildcat personalities do not differ substantially from their domestic cousins and exhibit the aloof behavior that is common to all felines. With their well-deserved reputations as creatures of comfort, wildcats jealously guard their independence while indulging in the finer things in life.
Attractive, solitary, creative and curious, these individuals are quite happy to observe the world from a distance.

The wildcat would never take a conventional route and prefers to explore life from off the beaten track, relying heavily on its instincts and powers of observation to guide it safely through the jungle. Its air of indifference and need for privacy keeps it on the outskirts of society, but its love for comfort always brings it back.

Exceptional personal hygiene is a hallmark of the wildcat personality, and from their hair to their fingernails they are immaculately groomed. Shopping for clothing or personal-care items spices up long, dreary days.

When someone wrongs a wildcat, they make it their business to even the score. Displaying superb patience, wildcats will even wait years for the right moment. When the occasion comes to strike, they gather all their force and attack. In the face of a ferocious display of hissing and blustering, their surprised victim has little chance of escape.

The wildcat differs from its lion relatives in its approach to its social structure. With an aversion to the complex family organization of the lion, the wildcat finds freedom and self-indulgence to be far more compelling. As a natural explorer it disdains staying in one place for long, preferring the freedom of solitary roaming in exotic locales. This wanderlust makes it ideal for a career as a travel agent, explorer, mountain climber, researcher or writer.

Although wildcats are uncomfortable performing in front of large groups, their grace and lithe bodies make them natural dancers or gymnasts.

So yeah, I don't know about the whole revenge thing... although there was that one time where I did that one thing to that one person... so yeah, maybe I do :p... but I'm a sexy wild cat. Rwar!

Who are you??

Happy reading,


Lrquake said...

I'm a....penguin?? Lol. :)

Genus and species:
Aptenodytes patagonica

Collective Term:
A colony of penguins

Careers and Hobbies
Board games
Family time

Famous Penguins
Oscar Wilde
Truman Capote
Danny Devito

Now you see it, now you don't. Aggressive yet gentle, outgoing but shy, stable yet flighty - everyone sees the penguin in a different way. It's that black and white thing: the penguin only reveals the side that it wants to you to see. So whether you like this darling-devil or not, you have to concede that it's a fascinating and enigmatic individual.

Penguins are birds condemned to live out their days on the ground. Unable to fly, their excess energy has no outlet save their creative talents and emotional outbursts. Penguins are poetic, artistic, and intellectually gifted, and as writers penguins have no equal.

But, if unable to channel their impulses in a positive way, the resulting turmoil proves damaging to their relationships and careers.

Penguins are deceptively intelligent and are particularly animated when intellectually challenged. They excel at word games and puzzles but are modest about their abilities and are generally underestimated by others.

With their misunderstood personality, penguins find writing an ideal tool for expressing their true feelings. They have a natural aptitude for languages and penguin personalities dominate the world of publishing as writers, editors, and journalists.

With a natural aptitude for languages, penguin personalities dominate the world of publishing as writers, editors and journalists. A strong sense of drama draws them to the theater and cinema, although unlike typical bird personalities they avoid the spotlight unless they're able to hide behind the characters they play. Once on stage however, they prove to be excellent performers with their multifaceted personalities conveying the full gamut of emotions.

However, a lack of confidence affects their work. Penguins tend to give up on tasks they were otherwise capable of and are often disappointed with their performance. Still, work never dominates their life and they always put their family first.

Now that you've learned about your animal personality explore how well you match up with other personalities with the Animal Matchmaker

Marie Hall said...

I'm jealous. As far as writing goes I think the penguin is superior to a wild cat. :p

Tabitha Edson (Yohe) said...

Also a penguin!!! My fav animal as well. Hey Marie! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! :D

Marie Hall said...

You too, sweetie. Always good to see you around my neck of the woods. :p

Tabitha Edson (Yohe) said...

Thanks! I'm on Facebook more often, but I do like to drop onto here every so often to see what you are up too. :D

Venus Cousins said...

Marie hall I was wondering on the kingdom hall series couldnt u make one of herione african american? I would love to read one of your bad boys with one . Paz was latino. And it was great. All of them was great I have the whole series so far. I just thought it would be great. I could imagine it was me lol

Marie Hall said...

Your wish is my command. ;) I've actually got a story plotted for one in the not to distant future.