Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Queue Cricket musack now!

Sheesh, guys... it's been like crickets in here lately. I feel so *sniff sniff* lonely in this vast cyber wilderness. Is anyone still reading my blog? Does anyone still care about little ol' me???

(Shameless begging for comments over) :p

So yeah, don't know if you guys know this but I've sorta got 3 books coming out next month. That's right, I said 3. How did that happen??? I don't have a freakin' clue. Seriously. O.o It started out with one, Right Now, then my brilliant CP said, well hey, Crimson Night is ready to go you should publish it finally. After 8 years of dithering on whether or not to publish it I agreed that the book was probably done and I should just stop trying to find reasons to hold on to it a little while longer. Then my publishing house said, Oh hey, Marie... we're publishing Death's Lover next month... Ummm.... *looks left and right. gulp*

That's a lotta books!!

I didn't even realize how many books I'd written until I took a second to look back at what's been published. Do y'all realize this will be 11 books in just a little over a year's time???? And I'm really not a fast writer, I swear! But, that's the beauty of Indie publishing, you can push out a book when it's actually ready, rather than having to wait until a slot opens up for your book.

Sheesh... yeah, just a moment of reflection for me. Sometimes I have to take a minute to smell the roses and enjoy where I am right now. (No pun intended using right now, but book drops on the 15th, just sayin' ;)

Wanna read another teaser of Crimson Night??? Since I'm not getting any comments lately, I'm going to assume your silence is a big fat YES... and since I only aim to please you, my dear readers, then here you go... Pandora's journal entry number 1:

Veritas: My truth

All accounts in this story are true. I don’t have much time to get it all down. They’re coming for me. I know this is a long shot, the hope that maybe someone might find this journal, might be able to warn the others…
My God, I can’t believe this has really happened. I fought so hard, I thought I had time… we had time. I thought we’d figured it all out. But we were fooled, right to the very end.
All I can say is I love him. I know why he did what he did and I forgive him, if you’re reading this, you have to tell them that. Tell them they have to forgive him. I know why now, I know everything.
My God, my God… I know it all. It’s so much worse than they think, the truth of it all… it’s so much worse.
I guess there’s only one place to start this story and that’s right at the very beginning, I wish I could go back there, wish I didn’t know what I know now… the truth is so much more horrible than fiction…

Happy reading chickadees!


Joselyn Burke said...

3 books? how did that happened wao, that's a lot of work girl take a rest when they come out? =)

and yes i'm here XP
reading when i can your blog that is usually always jijiji

Penelope Reece said...

Going through a bout of writer's block, hopefully I can start shooting out some books too.

Congratulations on the three! I doubt I'll ever get to that level. And a double congratulations on the 11! I've only published two and my year will be up February.

Judy DeVries said...

Lots of reading ahead :-)

Marie Hall said...

Well lookie here, I actually do have readers. *waves*

Joselyn, glad to see you, chica! :

Penelope, 2 is still greta. 2 of the books I've published were already written years ago, all I had to do was edit them, and then of course 2 of them were my Kingdom Collections, so no new writing involved, just had to bunch them into one big story... so really I've only written 7 books in a little over a year's time, 5 of which were novellas and didn't usually go higher than 40k words... so yeah, very doable pace.

Judy, thank ya darlin'. :p

Tabitha said...

Yay! Three more coming up! I'm currently reading A Moment and loving it. :-D

Marie Hall said...

Thanks so much, Tabitha! :) Glad you're enjoying it. :D

Katherine Brown said...

First wanna say LOVE Dannika and hope she will have more stories to tell very soon. Next i have a question, i read The Witching Hour (Grim Reaper, #1) and was curious if this series will continue with other reapers stories i really truely hope so. And finally im very excited to read all about the dark carnival :)

Marie Hall said...

Hi Katherine, I do love Danika. She's pretty special. :p There will be a sequel to witch, which has now been renamed Death's Lover (since the book was bought out by a publishing house), it will publish Sept 3, the sequel is set to release in March and will be called Death's Redemption. :) I love my carnival series, I'm very excited about it. :D

chucklesthescot said...

Live reader here! *waves* Crimson Night was a good book for paranormal fans-I enjoyed reading and reviewing it.

Christiana T said...

*Grins* Marie as long as you keep letting Danika have fun, I think all's good. Just out of curiosity, were there a lot of changes when Witching Hour was revamped to Death's lover... I have to plot my book purchases and it's tough to decide whether I want the Carnival book or Lover first...especially as I've been eagerly looking at the Crimson Night teasers...


Marie Hall said...

Chuckles! Hey, thanks for commenting. So glad you enjoyed Crimson Night and that's a pretty big compliment coming from you, since I did kinda notice that you're a tough reviewer. :p Thank you so much.

Tiana, no there aren't a lot of changes. It's revamped in the sense that I expanded on some scenes, but it changes none of the essence of the story you've already read. Crimson Night on the other hand is based on the carnie workers I introduced in Jinni's Wish, so you might enjoy that one. :D