Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Right Now: Teaser #1

In honor of the books imminent release, I'm going to begin giving you guys some of my favorite teasers from the book. So here's teaser #1

What I like to affectionally call, how Alex met Zoe:

“Hey,” a soft feminine voice pulled my eyes away from the pieces, “you got an appointment?”
I lost my words. Like they literally flew out my head the moment my eyes landed on her.
She was short, her head reaching only to the base of my neck—which meant she was probably not all that short since I was six and a half feet tall. Clearly Asian, with maybe a mix of something else. Her skin was dusky and pearlescent, almost seemed to gleam under the lights, and every inch of her had some sort of design on it. She wasn’t exactly covered, but she was a framework of art. Mostly shades of white, black, and gray, with pink and red splashes of color throughout. A pink and white lotus flower trail started at her neck and disappeared beneath the halter of her black and white polka dotted dress.
Her bangs were razor blade straight, and her hair hung heavy to her waist. There were even tattoos on her face, small feminine ones. Three tiny stars rested at the corner of her big, honey colored eyes.
I blinked, swallowing hard.
She wore a huge, red flower in her hair and the only make-up she had on was around her eyes. Black eyeliner that turned her already cat eyes dangerously sultry.
Dressed differently than any other girl I’d ever seen, she wore the fifties throw back dress with rockin’ red suede pumps.
Damn, the girl was smokin’. Every inch of her and what I couldn’t do back in that flea-infested bathroom I felt starting to happen here. I cleared my throat and shifted around, hoping God of Thunder would behave himself.
By the time my eyes made the rounds she was wearing a small smirk on her plump lips...

Keep coming back for more teasers!

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