Sunday, July 28, 2013

I'm baaaaack!!! And my WINNER IS...

Wow, guys... what a vacation. And you know you've had a great one when you don't even mind coming home because you're sooo exhausted.

I promise in the next few days to post some pictures, especially one of me being chummy with a certain adorable mouse. But I do believe I have a promise to keep!

Many of you know about my Where in the World is Marie Hall 7 day trivia game. I cannot believe how many of you figured out that scrambled word. I would have been hopeless, but I'm impressed and a little bit in awe of my readers. ;)

So I promise once I'm done trying to settle back in there will be stories. Such as my one celebrity sighting, the gag inducing life vest we were forced to wear on Bass lake that smelled so rotten it caused a certain member of my family to literally pass out into the lake. A little thing my oldest child dubbed penni Great memories though, all of them. :)

For now though I have a winner to announce. Unbelievably there was only one person who answered each question correctly and answered from question 1 to question 7. That person is........

JESSICA BOLDUC!! Congrats. Below is a picture of the actual sterling silver mickey bracelet. I think it's just gorgeous, and I managed to refrain from wearing it. Barely. :p

So now all I need from you Jessica is to please contact me at and send me the address you'd like this bracelet shipped off to. :)
Thank you to everyone else who participated and played along with my silly, little game!
Happy reading,


Lrquake said...

Did I answer something wrong?

Marie Hall said...

Lrquake, you answered everything correctly. And you were definitely right there in the running, until I went back to check out the time stamps. On the second question you answered 36 hours after I posted the question. I posted the question at 12am June the 20th and you answered at 6pm on June 21st. I would have taken any answer as late as 12:01 am June 21st, but to keep to the rules I set of a 24 hour limit I had to have that cut off. I'm so sorry, but you certainly didn't answer any of the questions wrong and I hope you'll continue to come back to my blog as I'm always hosting contests. :)

Lrquake said...

Oh ok. :) I didn't catch that. I just remember answering them all as soon as I saw them. Sometimes it seemed to take awhile! That must've been some vacation! Hope you're rested & ready to write more great books! Take care.

Marie Hall said...

Thanks so much, Lrquake. :) It was really such a close game I had to get very technical to find my winner. And I did take days in between postings because I wanted to post when I was actually there. The vacation was awesome, but I'm definitely happy to be home. :)