Sunday, July 21, 2013

Question #6: Where in the World is Marie Hall???

Coming to the end of this fun game, so now the questions are going to get a touch harder because I have to have a winner after all. :) Although knowing you guys, you'll guess this in a nanosecond just as you have everything else. *g* So here goes:

This community grew up around the newly created Lake Reservoir that supplied the first hydroelectric generating project

Where in the world is Marie Hall???

As always 24 hours!

Happy guessing,

Oh and guess what... It's my birthday today! The big 3-3. I cannot believe I'm actually that old. LOL.


ifat1st said...

That old!!!
I'm too close to the big 4-0 for my liking! Lol xx

Jessica Bolduc said...

You are in the Sierra National Forest in Bass Lake Village. Bass Lake, Madera County, California.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Oh ya, that's not that old.

Lrquake said...

I was going to say Fox River in Appleton Wisconsin. Hope you had a great birthday.My son turned 2 today. Totally a great day! :)

Lrquake said...

But judging how you're traveling I would make final guess of bass lake in Madera county California. Sierra national forest. Near Yosemite. Google you have failed me by making this answer on the never looked at page 2!! :)

jessica braun said...

Happy birthday :)

Marie Hall said...

Thank you so much, had a great birthday, by the way I was at Bass Lake! :D

Catherine Lee said...

Happy Birthday!