Friday, July 26, 2013

Question #7: Where in the world is Marie Hall???

One unusual feature about me is NETSOECNUR (unscramble the word to figure out where I am), which is 70 feet above the ground.

Where in the World is Marie Hall?

24 hours.




This is the final question, can you guess? Was it hard? Easy? Hope you had fun!! :D I'll be back in Honolulu soon and when I do I'll be choosing one winner! Who will it be???

Happy guessing!


Jessica Bolduc said...
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Jessica Bolduc said...

You are at The Encounter restaurant & bar at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), In California.
This one was a little harder,but yes I did have fun...I hope you did as well. Have a safe flight home :)

Lrquake said...

I'm going to say you are at the Encounter Restaurant at Los Angeles international airport in California. With one additional 's' left over. :) I hope you had a great vacation!

Allison W said...

Ok, I'll guess with the others and say the Encounter at LAX. Glad you had a great vacation, I'm sure it will be fun to get home!

jessica braun said...

The Encounter at LAX. This was a great game. Have a safe trip home.