Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vacation Update

Wow, you guys are amazing guessers! We've been having a ball on this vacation, but I'll admit, I'm having the most fun at Disneyland. Today is the last day here and I'm exhausted, sad, kind of okay (because my legs are killing me after so much walking the last two weeks), but most of all I'm having a ball.

I've actually got some pictures to share when I get back home, yeah, miracle. You know me and pics. But one of those pictures are the prizes you all are working so hard for. :) A sterling silver bracelet with charm. Now, this isn't quite the same bracelet, I'll be able to post the proper one when I get home, but it's similar. However, instead of the charm with mickey's ears looking that way, there is a mother of pearl backdrop and a small silver mickey ears sitting on it. It's beautiful! Oh, and the link may say this is a cheapskate bracelet, but I swear I didn't pay a nickel for it. :p LOL.


PS... yesterday in the animation studio I took a test to determine which disney character I'm most like. You'll never guess, but suffice it to say it was quite ironic. Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. :p I loved that!



Tabitha Edson (Yohe) said...

I love that you are like Alice. That's just awesome. Sounds like you have been all over the place. Have a wonderful day!

Allison W said...

This really does sound like an awesome vacation! Wish I could go on one too!
And it's awesome that you are Alice :)

jessica braun said...

Glad you had a great vacation. This was a fun game.

Marie Hall said...

It's been wonderful and far from over, still two more weeks left to have fun. So make sure to keep checking back for the final two questions! :p