Monday, February 4, 2013


So I have a LOT of news to update you all on in the next few days, some really awesome stuff. One of the first being that my Kingdom Series (apart from the collection itself) are getting face lifts. Starting with Her Mad Hatter.

This book has been so near and dear to my heart, but when I started I was really working on a VERY tight budget. But the time has come to finally spruce things up a bit. Thanks to the A-Mazing Croco Frauke I've now got this.

So what do you all think???

I love it. Just wait till you see the next few reveals. ;)

As to the other news, I've got one bit of very interesting news to reveal in the next few days. For any of you who've read The Witching Hour... make sure to come back.

Happy reading,

PS... Though the cover's changed, the book itself is still the same. And still free, so tell your friends about it. :)


A.J. Locke said...

HOT cover!!!! Love it!

Marie Hall said...

Thanks, A.J.! I'm pretty fond of it. :p

ComfyDenim said...

Love the extra touch of the hat in his hand. Even if you have to look for it.
And the tag line "bad boys need love, too"

Sigh. I'm in a happy place now.

Marie Hall said...

LOL... thanks. ;) I kinda liked this one as well. Just wait till I reveal Gerard's. *g*