Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The trials of fabulousness...

While I know it might be hard to imagine, my being anything less than completely and totally is true that I'm a human too. I'm completely and utterly helpless when it comes to technology of any sort. In fact, it's a minor miracle I was able to boot up this laptop today. I know, shocking right.

Point is, I'm entering a very scary phase of my writing life. Promotions. I don't have a clue where to start, how to do it, et cetera. I've always left that up to my publishing houses before, would go to chats they scheduled for me, would go to the website where they'd put up ads for my books...yeah, I did nothing. Bit of a pampered doll I was.


Now, it's all on me and I don't know where to start. I hear so many conflicting reports. This works, no it doesn't. You must do this, I did that and not only did I waste 400 bucks...I didn't generate not one sale. So what does a girl like me do? I'm really not great at searching the web, mainly because I'm too lazy to learn. I'd rather write. That's why I go the easy route, blogger instead of word press as a point in case.

I thought, wrongly I'm guessing, that when you upload your stuff to amazon they did a certain part of the marketing for you. Like for instance, if I signed up for KDP select program..they'd circulate my book in all the appropriate venues, get some buzz going and I could sit back and see the magic happen.

I'm thinking however, that's just not the case. I blame stories like the Mill River Recluse for making me think this way. Darcy Chan (?) the author, plunked her book onto amazon for .99 cents, did zero advertising and it's now sold well over 300,000 copies. Granted .99 cents is a very low price point and maybe that enticed buyers to give it a go. But, there's many books marked down that low that get nowhere near that amount of sales.

So if anyone could give me a very basic, rudimentary plan for marketing that doesn't involve spending a fortune, in would be best, I'm a struggling writer *eye roll*, I'd be forever indebted to you and would definitely be willing to share some of my awesomeness with you! :)

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