Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So the other day I read a freaky story on aol, straight from the Miami Herald. I can't stop thinking about it, not because I loved it, but because it disturbs me too much. I write fiction, in fiction I've no problem with the concept of zombies eating flesh to survive, why... because in real life it's NEVER supposed to happen. It's safe because its confined to the pages of a book. Just like dinosaurs are fun, NOW... how ever many years ago they walked this Earth in no way would I have wanted to personally know one. Not even the herbivores... I like my dinosaurs in bone form, thank you very much.

I don't even want to relate this story because it's given me bad dreams 2 days running, but I feel I need the catharsis of purging this from my subconscious so here it is, in all its unfiltered macabreness.

A cop was called to a scene of two men fighting under a freeway overpass in Miami this past weekend. When he arrived on scene it was to see a nude man straddling the prone form of the other. Naked was bent over the other, blood was everywhere. The cop got on his loud speaker and at gun point urged the man to back away. Then the cop heard a noise that chilled him to his core... the slurping of naked dude eating on the other man's face. Yes, eating.

He fired a shot into the air, again told the guy to back away. The guy laying down wasn't moving anymore. Naked guy was still eating his face. The cop fired a slug into his shoulder, dude got flung back and on bloody knuckles crawled his way back to the prone body and resumed eating. Cop fired off a total of six rounds, killing the cannibal only to discover when he walked up to the bodies, the dude who'd been eaten on was still alive!!!!

His entire face had been gnawed off. When I read the story last the man was in ICU fighting for his life. By all reports Cannibal was tweaking on coke and I dunno... maybe confused the homeless drifter for food? I don't have any bloody idea and we'll never know since he's dead now..but can you imagine? Even if that poor guy survives he'll never be the same. And I'm not just talking physically, spiritually, emotionally... if he survives he'll probably wish he hadn't. He was attacked and eaten on.. his face is gone. I'm sorry to make you all so sick with this story but it literally has turned my stomach for two days now and I just want to vomit when I think about it. That goes beyond mere mental illness, that act is about as depraved as a human can go. Is he even still considered human? Did the man even own a conscious? Even high as a kite could he really not tell he was chewing on a living man's face? My God that poor man, my heart bleeds for him. No one, no one! should ever have to go through something like that.

Too sad. :(

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