Thursday, May 3, 2012


Premonition: Anticipation of an event without conscious reason
(Merriam-Webster Definition)

So to tell this story properly, I have to back track a little.

Last night, right before bed my husband started prowling the house. He checked the doors, then rechecked them. And then again, about an hour before bed, he rechecked them. Locked. But he was paranoid because the back door was open earlier in the evening. The only one who would have opened it would have been either myself or him, he asked me when he noticed if I'd done it. Honestly, I can't say that I didn't. But...I don't remember doing it. I would have had no reason. I didn't go into my garden yesterday, which is the only reason why I'd do it.

Anyway..after that, he was paranoid the rest of the night. So much so, that when we went to bed, he shot straight up thirty minutes later, grabbed my son's baseball bat and said he was going to check the doors again. He also walked the perimeter of the house. When I say he's not normally like this, I mean it. It was strange enough behavior that I started to get a little nervous. What was he doing?

When he finally came to bed, he didn't sleep well. He had so many bad dreams, it kept waking  me up. I'd have to literally slap him to get him to wake up and stop screaming. Needless to say, I did not sleep well last night. Before he went to work this morning he told he kept having these dreams that someone was breaking into our house and had hurt Bean.

I shrugged it off, it was only a dream. Right?

This morning when I walk Red Rocket to school I see cop cars at the neighbor's house. I really don't think much about it, this is a military base, it's not that uncommon. But when I'm coming home my neighbor is outside, she's got a ginormous suburban. We call it big blue, this thing is like a house it's so big. Hard to miss.

It was stolen last night. Not only that, she tells me the robbers hit most of the houses on the street. They jacked open garages, were stealing motorcycles, breaking into homes...last night my street got hit!

But not my house. Not only that, I left my car door unlocked. There was even cash in the ash tray. We have a classic Harley in the garage. Nothing got taken!! OMGosh!


You decide.


Lea Griffith said...

Always trust the instincts. Always. DH has his stuff together. Glad you guys are safe!!! Hugs.

Linda Adams said...

Me too, girl!