Monday, April 23, 2012


Said I would share it when it was done, and here she is, shiny, new, and almost ready to go up! So...beautiful right? *vbg* This is the mock up cover to my novel Death and the Crimson Night. And here's the blurb:

Pandora travels with the Carnival Diabolique, a dark circus that provides any addiction a person might desire. She is one of the half-breed demons that run it. Unlike her brethren, she believes humanity is more than prey and worth protecting. Eager to redeem her past sins, she fights with The Order, a human watch group who use Pandora to clean up the messes left behind by monsters who prey on the innocent. Her latest mission will take her deep into the lair of vampires worshipping an ancient god whose thirst for human blood is unmatched. As if that weren't enough, she comes face to face with her own personal demon--a killer sworn to end her kind.

Although he should be trying to kill her, he seems content to provide backup when she leasts expects it, and while she should be grateful, his attention leaves her unsettled. She knows the dark desires he awakens in her might lead to her demise, but it's a deadly dance she cannot resist. Betrayal rides the night and when it's all over she will never be the same again. 

If you need cover designs, razzle dazzle, just sayin'. ;) Elune's amazing. Will definitely use her for the rest of the series. Fantastic. As good as anything I've seen with NY. Will release more info when it goes viral..but for now, I'm thrilled!

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