Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Don't bet on it, you goose stepping harpy!!

Okay, seriously that's got to be the best line ever! Nonsensical ramblings that made me chuckle, love it when that happens.


Writing a new novella series. The Kingdome Series based on the bad boys of fairy tale land. 1. Hatter. 2. Gaston. 3. Hook. 4. Jafar. 5. The big bad wolf.  I'm getting so excited. I'm almost halfway done with book 1: Her Mad Hatter. Semi-loosely based on Alice's Adventures. But with a sexier Hatter and an Asian Alice. Sooo much fun! I haven't done something like this in forever, just write campy fantasy romance and I'm loving it. Last night I finished the scene where Alice falls through the 'hole' into Wonderland, lands at the Hatter's Feet and yeah..sparks are already flying.

I've commissioned a cover artist already and I cannot wait to see it. My goal is to have all five novellas done within 2 months or so. The goal is that these books will be my very first self publishing venture. 5 books out all at once, hopefully I can develop a fan base off those who'll follow me to my full length books, and won't mind waiting on the sequels to come out.

No news, though should hear back soon from several places...

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