Saturday, February 8, 2014

Huntsman's Prey, sneak peek #2

And to continue on with the sneak peeks leading up to release day, here is the next bit…

It was never easy trying to decipher Cheshire when he decided to be willfully obtuse.

“Where is she? It?” She shook her head, realizing her slip of the tongue.

Cheshire’s smile grew wider. “You should not do what you want to do. There can be another way.”

Her nostrils flared. “How can you say that to me?” She snapped, anger whipped through her veins, slipped off her tongue. “Do you not think I’ve thought of a million different ideas, a million different ways to change this outcome? All of them… all of them end like this. You’ve seen the carcasses, it will only get worse. I feared this outcome when it was first born, feared her birthday might trigger the darkness.” She threw up her hands with a defeated hitch in her voice. “I can’t save it. It… she’s gone mad.”

The cat floated into the air, the lower half of its body beginning to slowly fade from sight. “Are we not all a little mad?”

Remember, Huntsman drops on the 13th and for that day only will be 2.99!

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