Monday, February 10, 2014

Final Huntsman sneak Peek

Well the book drops in just 2 days!!! Are you guys ready? :) Here is the final sneak peek for the book…

“Hatter was a little mad. What this… creature has become, it’s more than a little mad. There is no reason, no soul, it’s slipped into darkness. I know what Jericho has said, to believe and hope that she can be saved, but each year I’ve lost my tenuous grip on it until now there is nothing but a wisp of it left. So you tell me, cat, you say there can be another way, Jericho says the same, show me then. Prove me wrong.” She closed her eyes as her words trembled thanks to the lump building in her throat. Clearing it quickly, she pinned him with a hard stare. “I saw her, gazed into soulless eyes, how can you save something like that? Tell me.”

Cheshire simply stared as his features began to grow fuzzy and distorted, looking like a figure within a fun house mirror. “Not to beat a dead horse, godmother, but aren’t we all a little mad? Deal with it as you deal with me, become mad yourself.”

The cat vanished in a puff of white fog.

Become mad yourself. That was his best advice? No wonder she never asked the cat for anything. To the right of a her a bush suddenly shook, heavy breathing echoed through the sudden stillness.

Yanking her wand from the pocket of her vest, Danika tore open a rift in time and flew quickly into it, leaving whatever that was behind. She needed to talk to Alice and Hatter, needed to tell them the truth, and she needed to find the Huntsman.

But how could you tell someone you loved that in order to save Wonderland they’d have to kill the one thing in the world they loved most?

Happy reading!


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