Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Huntsman's Prey cover reveal! (Release for All Hallows Night update)

It's HERE!!!! The long awaited continuation of Kingdom is finally here. Well the cover at least anyway. ;) So… quick update, there it is… it's beautiful and you may pet your screen very gently if you'd like. (I'll wait)


you done?


Okay then, here's another bit of fabulous news for ya, the book drops on the 13th. Well, you might be thinking to yourself, I already know that Marie, duh. But did you know that this book is actually novel length? Yes, you read that right. Novel length Kingdom book, the day has finally arrived. ;) Because of that I will be pricing the book at 4.99 everywhere, HOWEVER (and you knew there was a but because I love you guys) the book will be priced at 2.99 for the first day ONLY. After that it will go up to 4.99, for all you iTunes customers, you can find an Ibook capable upload at www.smashwords.com :)

Also, as to All Hallows Night, book 2 of the Pandora's continuing saga… I know now the book will release in March. The date is still yet to be determined because I'm not sure when I'll get it back from the editor. So stay tuned to either my blog or my newsletter for further updates on that! :D

Happy reading,


Sarit Yahalomi said...


v said...

wait 2.99 on amazon?

Marie Hall said...

Hi V, yes, it'll be 2.99 everywhere on the 13th only. :)

denise226 said...

this sounds really good i will be picking up a copy of this thanks denise smith

Marie Hall said...

Great, I hope you like it. :)