Thursday, October 31, 2013


So, the second cover for Chaos Time is Done. Why am I telling you this? Because I want you, my readers, to know something very important about this series.

It's been brought to my attention that serials are divided into two camps. Love 'em, hate 'em. Chaos Time is a Serial. I'm telling you this so no one feels upset that they weren't warned ahead of time. I'm telling you right here what you can expect with this series...

Time Travel
YA elements
Romance elements
Cliffhangers (YES, the dreaded cliffhanger)
Epic fantasy
Action and adventure
Dark Paranormal

But not all in the same book. That's important you should know that. This is a long arcing storyline, but here is where I hope you guys are patient with me. This book is a book I've wanted to write for years. A book where I broke lots of literary rules. A book that allowed me to just write a story, no matter where it led me. This is different than Kingdom or Moments, you should know that. But you should also know that the book is done. However, it's soooooo long that were I to release it all at once I would have felt like I needed to charge 9.99 for it. It's really that long. So rather than do that I divided the book into 35k-40k chunks each. So they're not short serials, they're a meaty length novella similar to my Kingdom books so I'd hope you felt like you were getting a story you could sink your teeth into each time.

I have no plans to drag this book to kingdom come just to make extra money off of you. I'm not like that. So this is me giving you warning so if you guys want to wait until it all comes out, that's up to you. And I'm fine with it. Ultimately I'm here to please my readers, not myself.

That said, here is the cover to book 2 which will release next month!

And below is the teaser to Sable:

Part 1: The Gathering


A Memoir


I am born.

I open innocent eyes and take in the beauty of a world with infinite possibility. I am she. I am the start. And the end. I’m birth and death.

Then I meet him.

I love him.

But he takes too much.

He strips me.

I am naked.

I am nothing.

Nothing but hate and vengeance.

He must die.

I am Phoenix, and he will burn.

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