Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I've got a new series beginning next month, book 1 is called Sable and the series is Chaos Time. I love the artwork... what do you think?

This is the blurb:

When Sable Ray sings, people die. She’s spent most of her life locked away to protect others from her curse, abandoned to an insane asylum and the monster in her own head. Lately, though, she’s been having dreams of another time, another life – one where she’s free. Where her power isn’t a curse, but a blessing. And just when she’s sure things can’t get any weirder, she’s confronted by a stranger with eyes as blue as the hottest flame He swears she’s not crazy – in fact, she’s the key to saving the world.


Anonymous said...

The cover is gorgeous and I love the blurb! :)

Beautiful Disaster said...

The cover looks wonderful and liked the blurb. Thanks for sharing them :)

Marie Hall said...

Thanks guys! :D So glad you approve. I love this cover and the concept of the book is one of my favorites I've written. :p