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Sneak Peek: Right Now (Book 2: Moments Series)

So I thought, well... you guys probably need proof that I'm still alive. :p So I've decided to share a sneak peek of my wip, Right Now. The sequel to A Moment. I'm having a lot of fun with this one, A. It's not as dark as A Moment because while Alex his problems, his personality is also radically different from Ryan's. I just love Alex. *g* B. He's Alex... he's amazing. :p And hot. Definitely hot. ;)

I wasn't sure where to show you guys the sneak peek, but then I decided the best place is when he first meets his girl. I hope you love Zoe as much as I do. ;)

Without further ado: Right Now

“Get on,” she pointed.
Pulse thundering, nerves strung a little tight, I hopped up on the table.
Her movements were brisk and efficient as she walked to a medicine cabinet and pulled out a pair of latex gloves, snapping them on her hands a second later. Pushing her fingers together to get the gloves down properly, she lifted a brow at me. “So, what’ll it be?”
She was calling my bluff, because she knew as well as I did that I didn’t have a clue.
Why the hell had I decided to listen to a sheet of paper anyway?
I scrubbed my face. “What do you like?”
The way she nibbled on her lip, I had to take a deep breath and try to inconspicuously adjust my straining cock.
Walking toward me, she placed her hands on either side of my legs and I swear I was trembling like a freaking virgin. Even sitting, she still wasn’t taller than me, but it didn’t seem to faze her at all.
Her hair was in my face as her warm breath caressed the side of my ear.
“You really want to know?” she purred, voice throaty and decidedly wicked.
Was it possible to explode from just the sound of a voice? My heart was racing like a rabbit on crack. I licked my lips as her hand worked torturously slowly up my thigh and then I squeaked-- like squeaked squeak… like I want to die because that girly sound just came out of me kind of squeak-- when she cupped my junk in her hands.
“I’ve always thought the Prince Albert was hot.” Then she nibbled the lobe of my ear and I couldn’t speak.
My entire body was quaking, trembling so hard I knew she saw it.
Then she pulled back and laughed and the sound was a brush of bells against my sensitive flesh. “But it’s totally up to you.”
It took two times of throat clearing before I trusted myself to speak. She’d touched me, touched me. Down there.
I was so turned on right now, if she kissed me, I’d come. That’d be it, mortifying… hell yeah, but I don’t think I’d care because it would be worth it. My balls ached and I know tonight was going to be a twofer, at least. Unless I could convince her to come home with me.
“Don’t think I’m ready for a cock piercing,” I finally manage to say.
She only smiles and I know what she’s thinking: Vanilla. It’s written all over her face, but even I have my limits for this mysterious, yet beautiful girl.
“Then what are you ready for, frat?” Her tone is teasing, but carries an edge of steel beneath the velvet. She’s testing me again and something in me doesn’t like the thought that she’s finding me as lacking and vanilla as she’s accused me of being.
“Nothing below here.” I flatten my palm above my belt.
She’s back in my space again, filling my head with jasmine and the sound of her throaty voice.
Both palms flat on my stomach, she runs them up my abs, and then across my chest, before rubbing my nipples between her fingers.
I hiss, as the nerves dance and shoot fire straight down to my already aching cock.
“Nipple piercing’s then?”
“Ungh…” I’m not even sure anything intelligible drops from me, but I can’t think straight. All I want is to throw her down on this table, hike her skirt up and find that hidden piercing.
“But,” her nose moves up the line of my neck, “I’m not sure the girls could handle seeing that much eye candy at the beach.”
No response. Nothing, I’m just panting, gripping the edge of the table and trying to remember this isn’t a sex parlor.
“There’s only one other piercing that really does it for me. Do you know what that is, Alex?”
I shake my head.
Fuckmefuckmefuckme… I’m going to implode, I know it.
Her thumb runs across my lower lip and I can’t help myself, I nibble it. The taste of latex is disgusting, but I don’t stop because I have to touch her.
“A lip ring.”
Her mouth is inches, inches from mine and I know it would take nothing for me to lean in and take it, slip my tongue past her teeth and drown in her.
“Think you can handle that, vanilla?”
“Ungh…” There goes that stupid jibberish out of my mouth again.
I’m not prepared for how quickly she pulls back, how bereft my body feels without her heat crawling all over me, or how down to business she’s suddenly become. I’m still panting, still sweating under my collar.
“Shit,” I grumble, as she walks back to the medicine cabinet and starts pulling out packets of instruments.
“Rethinking this already?” she asks as she works with her back to me.
How can she act that way? Like she hadn’t just been about to make me come in my pants, how she’d made me pant and moan like a dog in heat.
Sick, slightly mortified, I breathe through the tension twisting my gut in knots. She’d played me like I’d played so many others and being on the receiving end of it sucked ass.
Thankfully, by the time she got her stuff together I’d pulled my shit together too. She flipped on a switch by my head and flooded the room with bright lights.
She had a pair of what looked like baby tongs in her hand. “I’m going to pinch your lip with this.”
“Does it help numb it?”
Lips twitching again, I know the second I asked that I sounded like a fucking idiot.
“No, not really. It’s just for placement and so I can hold your mouth still.” Bending over, she opened my mouth, not nearly as sexy as what happened before because this time she was purely professional about it. “Okay, I like it right there. Now, when I tell you to breathe, take a deep breath. It’s not going to hurt, not really, just pinch a little. Vanilla, one last time, you sure you want to do this?” Her brown eyes were suddenly serious and intense, like she expected me to jump off and run away and the thought was like a bucket of ice water in my face.
I was a fucking man, whether she believed it or not. And just because a sheet of paper told me to be opposite didn’t mean I was going to turn into a baby about this afterwards.
I didn’t answer, just lifted a brow.
“Fine. Here we go.” Grabbing a long ass needle, she touched the tip to my lip. “One, two, breathe.”
I was just inhaling when she shoved it through. It did bring tears to my eyes, that couldn’t be helped, but I’d be damned if I let them fall.
“Okay, almost done.” Attached a cork to the bottom of the needle, she then grabbed a small silver hoop and in the next breath the needle was out and the hoop was in. “Doing good?”
“I’m not gonna faint if that’s what you’re wondering,” I muttered, beginning to get grumpy. She didn’t know me, didn’t know anything about me.
I wasn’t some punk ass frat boy with too much to drink and no sense of reality. So okay, maybe I’d had the stripper twins in a bathroom earlier, but that wasn’t really who I was.
Taking a pair of pliers, she twisted on the metal in my mouth until satisfied with it.
Then her full lips curled into a crescent moon and my heart started thumping again. Cranky or not I could still admit the girl was hot when she smiled.
Handing me a hand held mirror she lifted a brow. “So what do you think?”
I thought it didn’t look as bad as I’d feared it might. It didn’t really alter my appearance by much, the ring wasn’t huge. But something inside me felt different, not like a sheet of paper tossed in the wind, but anchored again somehow.

Happy reading,
~Marie :D


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