Saturday, May 25, 2013

Danika's Surprise

So Danika was yammering in my ear last night, told me I NEEDED to write a certain story, that I absolutely must tell it. So I did. It's short, and simple, but important to the continuation of the Kingdom Series.

In the next few days I'll be releasing that shortie. So keep checking back for specifics. ;)

Happy reading,

Oh wait, Danika wants to tell you all something. Okay, Dani, your'e turn.

Hullo readers,

ye might have seen something in Hook's story that made you a wee bit curious... well, I've coerced my author into writing that bit of the story sooner. Ye see, the next book (while I'm sure it's wonderful) might not make quite a much sense without this wee bit of backstory. So I umm... made her do it. Well, made it such a harsh word. I threatened. To turn her baby into a frog, I mean really... such a minor little thing, no? But truly, wouldn't you all want to know what really happened after I dumped Trisha on that boat???? Why, oh why I had to run away??? It's so juicy. Mayhap I'll tell ye now, well it deals with Hatter, and Alice. And how he--

STOP! Danika!!! You tell them this and then what's the point of having forced me to write this story???

Mmfftpht! Bllemph!!

Okay folks, sorry, but had to put a gag in that brat's mouth. ;) You want to know what it's about, just check back.


Joselyn Burke said...

OH my I will wait anxiously for that story =)

Marie Hall said...

LOL... thanks, Joyselyn. :) I'm hoping to release it soon. But it's short, so not a book length story. Just a bridge between the two Kingdom Series Books. ;)

elaine sapp said...

Sounds like its gonna be good. read.

Marie Hall said...