Saturday, April 13, 2013

What do you do after Kingdom???

It's starting to dawn on me that I've pretty much wrapped up my Bad Five. I think I'm going to miss them, I can't explain it but I feel a little blue.

I still plan to write more Kingdom stories, though they will now center around other characters of fairytales, might even introduce a new fairy godmother. But I'm not sure I'll be able to completely move on from them either. Still, it felt very weird typing the end with Hook. I've held all those characters near and dear to me for some time.

Hook is now in the hands of my first set of beta readers. Those are other writer friends of mine I trust to read and give me constructive criticism on what works, doesn't, etc. Then it goes to an editor next, and then one final set of beta readers. Depending on how fast or slow this entire process takes, the book could conceivably come out at the very end of this month, no later than next. So... for anyone wondering when exactly Book 5 will be released, there you have it. :D

I will be now turning my attention to Book 2 of the Moment series. It's called Right Now and will feature Alex. There are some questions I left unanswered in Book 1 that will be addressed in this book. I'm really looking forward to delving back into contemporary romance for a bit.

Many people don't know it about me, but I actually started writing contemporary romance before I wrote paranormal. I've just never published any of those books. The first few books an author writes generally don't get published, they're more practice books, learning the craft etc. But yeah, I love contemporary romance and am excited to get back to my first love for a bit.

After I finish Right Now I'll be jumping back into Paranormal Romance and writing the sequel to The Witching Hour.

There is also an Urban Fantasy I'll be releasing featuring some characters you might recognize from Jinni's Wish, certain carnival workers with amazing colored eyes. ;)

I'm excited about what's coming and hope you all are too.

Happy reading,

PS... I'm seriously considering revamping my website. So don't be surprised if sometime in the next few weeks/months you start seeing some construction happening around my part of the cyber neighborhood. :)

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