Saturday, April 13, 2013

WeWriWa: Right Now

So today I decided to paste a few lines from my latest wip, the sequel to A Moment, which is out now everywhere (fyi). Anyway, this is a contemporary romance and unlike my Kingdom books that generally tend to be happy fluff, these books are more serious and deal with raw, real topics.

Alex is reevaluating his life right now, he's very lost and unsure of where his life is headed ever since his cousin moved on.

This scene opens the book:

I was free.

For the first time since I’d turned six, I was free and I didn’t know what to do with it.

Grabbing my skull, I played with the piece of paper in my pocket and just stood there. Feeling like I was standing at the proverbial crossroads. I was empty.

Just a great big fucking ball of nothing.

There wasn’t even any noise in my head to distract me. Hot chicks couldn’t do it, nothing could, so I’d taken a year off school because I couldn’t focus, just sitting around while my life moved on without me.
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Jayn Wilde said...

Hmmm.. interesting. Can't wait for more

Mary Kirkland said...

I liked it! Looking forward to reading more.

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Marie Hall said...

Thanks, ladies. It's so hard taking a snippet of book out of context and putting it up, I always wonder, does it make the same impact as a few lines as it does when shown in its entirety? I'm thinking not, but *shrug* I try. :p

Veronica Scott said...

Wow, I can certainly feel his emotions, powerful excerpt! I wonder what he will do next???

Elaine Smith said...

I liked this, you captured the sense of youthfulness and wildness. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Jayn Wilde said...

I know what you mean. Took me forever to find 8 sentences from mine to post, that made the reader curious but not confused. LOL

Anonymous said...

Great job conveying his confusion. I tweeted.

Teresa Cypher said...

Oh, who hasn't felt that sort of lost, disorientated feeling--and you've captured it well, Marie! Nice 8! :-)