Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another Hook update

So just to keep the anticipation going, I'm stopping from my writing just long enough to say the book is now 70% done! :)

Also, here's my favorite lines for today:

Scrubbing his jaw, his eyes twinkled. “Don’t believe everything you read. Though you’re right, I’m certainly not misunderstood. Everything I’ve done I’ve done it knowingly.”
“Well you know,” she extended her legs and leaned back, causing the swing to move again, “I always preferred the bad boys anyway. Good is so boring.” 

I'll update again soon. Just know... we're getting close. ;) Now keep your fingers crossed I'll be able to keep up this momentum!

Happy reading!
~Marie :D


Joselyn Burke said...

Oh my god soooo good that one

I will be eager to read it =)

Judy DeVries said...


Jayn Wilde said...

Tease! LOL!! Can't wait for more. :)