Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kingdom Collection Bargain

On the 24th I'll be dropping my first three books, called my Kingdom Collection to 2.99! :-D So if you've been waiting to catch up on the books... that would be a great day to just go for it.

Got in 1.5k words last night on Forbidden, felt good to write again, though I threw out my back yesterday morning so I'm in a wee bit of pain that's more than just wee. Feeling loads better this morning, still tender... but at least I feel human. :/

Just loading up on the pain meds right now... can't wait to read what I wrote after I'm better... bet it's gonna be crazy, lol.

Have a great hump day (and by hump day I mean Wednesday, it's military slang... get your minds out of the gutter LOL)

Happy reading,


CopperGoddess said...

Marie, are you aware that the collection is available on Smashwords for .99?

Marie Hall said...

Actually CG, I am. :( Unfortunately, (or fortunately... however you choose to look at it) I've got two promotionals scheduled almost back to back. Not my idea. For the first promotion the book will be priced at 2.99 and I can only promote it at that price for this particular promotion. On the 29th, the second promotion comes into play and it will be then priced at .99 cents everywhere. Due to the nature of how slow smashwords can sometimes work I had to put the .99 cent price in well in advance to make sure that the affiliate sites would price match at .99 cents before the 29th. This time smashwords priced incredibly fast and so it looks like I"m trying to be deceptive, but I'm not. You're more than welcome to download it at .99 cents there and at the Itunes store, I just can't promote that price set until after today's promotion through Amazon expires.

Confused yet? :p

And thanks so much for the heads up.

CopperGoddess said...

No, I already have it. Bought it off of ARe when it was reduced from 5.99 down to 3.79. Just wanted to make sure that you were aware of the difference. Thanks for the explanation.

Marie Hall said...

No problem, Copper. :)