Monday, January 28, 2013

.99 cents Kingdom Series Collection!

Yup, you read that right. I've slashed the book yet again for my second promotion. Tomrrow Bookbub will be blasting my book out to some readers, but I went ahead and already dropped all the prices, EVERYWHERE. This is a very short promotion. So if you've been thinking about the series, but not sure you wanted to pay 5.99 or even 2.99 then you don't have to. :) The total sum of all 4 Kingdom books at the moment is 3.98. This sale won't last long at all, so spread the word and make sure you get in on it before it disappears.

Now, enough promo because who likes to go to an author's site and only read my books on sale, please buy me, pleassssssssse kind of posts??? It's come to my attention that many readers are curious about this enigmatic character called Pandora who has a very tiny, but crucial role in Jinni's Wish. For those who haven't read it she's the gyspy (or is she really???) who sends Paz packing for Alaska to meet up with Jinni.

I've been reading a couple of reviews lately wanting to know who she is and why I went into such detail about the characters that worked in the carnival. I'd intended to keep them a mystery for a bit, but I've decided to answer part of your question.

Pandora is a character I wrote about ages ago. 7 years ago to be precise. Her first book is completed and I adore her. She's one of my favorite characters I've ever created. I stuck her book away for a while, never forgetting that someday I'd go back and finish her series. Not only will she have her own series, she's also responsible for the spin off I've created. The Forbidden series will feature her as well and the lore of her people are many of the central themes I'll explore in my future YA.

Have you ever read the books, "Where's Waldo?"

Well in Jinni's Wish, that was my version of Where's Waldo. A Pandora sighting that you'd only recognize as a sighting in retrospect once her book is released.

Now I won't say more because I don't want to give too much away, but if any of you ever wondered... that's the long and short of it.

Okay, have a great Monday!

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Tabitha Edson (Yohe) said...

I got it and posted it to my friends. :) Finally I get to read Kingdom #3. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Marie Hall said...

You too, Tabs. ;) Thanks for buying, hope you enjoy it and you're super sweet for spreading the word. :D

PS... Do you like how I just called you Tabs, like we're friends or somethin? :p Feel like I know by now. *g*

Tabitha Edson (Yohe) said...

You're welcome. I like spreading the word to people I know. :) It's fun making them read super fun work.

Yes I do like Tabs. It's awesome.

Marie Hall said...


Deena said...

So I just finished reading all of the Kingdom series. I loved them all! When is Hook's Pan going to be released?