Friday, February 27, 2015

UPDATE on Marie

For the past few months I've received hundreds of very concerned emails from readers expressing not only their sympathy at the loss of my pen name, but also their sadness that I was no longer writing. I've heard from cancer patients who say immersing themselves in Kingdom during chemo is the only way they've gotten through things, and others who've told me that Kingdom helped them to get through the grief of losing loved ones.

I had no idea that Kingdom had become so personal for so many of you, it's humbled me and made me reflect a lot about a lot of things.

I wanted to set the record straight here, I am writing. It is who I am, and what I do. I love what I do. I realize that because I was so sad that I failed to mention that fact to you all. Because of this I have decided to release one final Marie Hall book, A Pirate's Dream, Kingdom book #11. If you want to know more about the future of Kingdom then make sure to read the author's notes as I'll go more in depth about what's happening with that world, but suffice it to say, Kingdom is far from over. I am still working on the Queens stories.

It is important to me that you all are aware this was not a gimmick. The Marie Hall brand is dead, but, there has been so much confusion that I felt I needed to clear things up for all of you. Today I'll be putting the finishing touches on A Pirate's Dream and within the next 2 weeks the book will be up for sale wherever ebooks are sold.

I am truly sorry for any confusion I may have caused you all before and hope that at the end of the day, you will continue to think kindly of me.

Be blessed,


danielle young said...

I am so extremely happy to know you are continuing to write I love the Kingdom series I have been suffering a lot of health issues and reading your books help get my mind off everything. you are incredibly talented and I feel the reading loving community would suffer a great loss if you stopped writing. I cant wait for the next book to come out and to find out what will happen next to the citizens of Kingdom. ��

Lots of Love,

Danielle Young ��

melissa van Der mallie said...

Will be be able to get book #10 and 11 in paperback? I have the others and they are so lovely on the shelf I want the rest to go with them. Thank you

Marie Hall said...

Thank you, Danielle. Melissa, yes, eventually I'll A Pirate's Dream in print, but Her One Wish already is.

Mandy Moo said...

I am so happy that you are continuing to write, it would have been a great tragedy in the book world if you did not. I went in to total panic when I thought that there would be no more Kingdom or any of the other series books and started to look for stories of a similar theme by other authors, but nothing has come close. I am happy again. Hope you are ok! <3 Love Mandy xx

Marie Hall said...

Thanks Mandy.

Marie said...

I love the Kingdom series!!!! I truly enjoy reading all of your work. I like many of your readers, find an escape of sorts thru them.


Blessings to you

laurenbecauseican said...

I would just like to know if I should be following you under a different name now? Or if you have a new website? Because I want to receive all the updates and I am worried I won't know where to look for your new books in the future? Best wishes

Queen Uglybus said...

I absolutely love your kingdom books they are amazing and very creative. I have been going through a hard time the last few months and reading your books has given me the excape and relaxation that I needed. I'm glad to hear that you are still writing and look very forward to reading your next set of books thank you so very much.

Jaxx said...

I'm so sorry that you are leaving your pen name but glad that you plan to continue the series. I look forward to seeing you write under your new name. I've always loved fairy tales and had an affinity for wonderland. The picture of hatter is the main reason I started the series. I have bought all of your books. While I don't leave many reviews because I'm not great at expressing myself and the wonder of reading. I can honestly say that your books are among my favorites. I have a few favorite authors but your stories are the most unique of them. From the bottom of my heart thank you for continuing to write and bringing me the joy of kingdom.

Marie Hall said...

Thanks so much. <3