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Well, I guess I can officially tell you that This Time book 3 of my Moments Series will be releasing May 15! I got to bump it up from its original time table of May 30th thanks to things running unbelievably smooth and me wrapping everything up way ahead of schedule. That's a great bit of news, the other bit of news is that not only am I about to share some wicked cover art with you, but I'm also going to share a teaser chapter of the book. So if you need a cup of tea, now's a great time to get up and get it. ;)

First up... new cover art! I'm rebranding the books, not because I didn't love the old covers, I totally and completely did, but because I wanted them to be more recognizable as NA romances. So what do you think?


Now for the teaser!

This Time

A phone call that changed our lives…

I've lived my life in a daze, trying to save someone hell bent on destruction. But when my phone rings and I'm told that Angel, my on again off again boyfriend has OD'd for the second time in two years, I'm so numb. So tired. So when Tor Boler, the sexy Norwegian and drummer of Fok asks me to stay with him, I stay. We were friends and I needed to be held. To be loved. It was just supposed to be one night of reckless passion. One night where I could forget how screwed up my life had become.

...a night of passion with far reaching consequences

I've wanted Jamie Sullivan since the day she walked through my tattoo shop eight years ago. There's a soulfulness to her blue eyes that reminds me of the arctic fjords of home. She calls to me. There's only one problem standing in our way- Angel Romero. I want her, and she wants me too, she just doesn't realize it yet.

This time... we'll get it right.

Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I’m yours forever…
Anonymous~ From Jamie to Tor

Chapter 1

Everybody thought I was a doormat. They thought I didn’t know what Angel was doing, or that I was blind to his ways. People couldn’t be more wrong. Even Zoe, who I knew only wanted what was best for me, wanted me to leave Angel. And a side of me wished it were so simple. Wished I could just walk away and never look back, I think I would too, if it weren’t for the fact that I felt partly responsible for the man that he was today.

But it was getting harder to pretend that I didn’t see his whoring ways, to pretend that I was okay with his drug use and his constant drinking. His destructive ways were definitely not okay with me, but I had this horrible feeling that if I walked away and left him to the care of his demons, they’d devour him.

I shouldn’t have gone to the club tonight, especially once Zoe had called to say that Alex’s car had gotten a flat and there was no way they’d make it in time. Angel had promised to show up, but I knew the chance of that was slim to none.

I should be home, not walking into a club hoping to lose myself in dangerous thoughts, not walking into Tor’s arms, and I damn well shouldn’t have let him hold me. But I was weak and I was drunk and when I stared into his blue eyes the only thing that kept going through my head was… I needed to feel alive again.

He smelled so good. Like sandalwood cologne, and God, the way he’d rocked me. And when I’d hiccupped and he’d tilted my chin up and our gazes locked and for a split second time stopped, all rationale thought fled.

There’d been fire and heat and danger and my breathing had grown jagged and it’d been all I could do to keep my fingers to myself. To not wrap them into the muscular ropes of his arms and drag him toward me.

Because in that moment, in that second, I felt what I hadn’t felt in years.


Our bodies had vibrated, the pulsing beat of smash mouth death metal blared through the confines of that club. Normally I hated this music, it grated on my nerves, on my ears. Two seconds ago I’d been ready to leave. But I wasn’t really hearing the music now, because the sound of my beating heart was drowning it out.

The phone call had shattered the last vestiges of my resolve to fix Angel.

He’d gone too far and the heart that’d already been beaten and bruised was now nothing but a pulp, bloody and broken.

I was bloody and broken.

Sweat trekked down his nude chest. He was wearing black leather pants, and biker boots. A horned hat which should have looked ridiculous but his face was so chiseled, so masculine and starkly beautiful that I doubted anything could make him look silly. Not to mention Tor was covered in bold, black tattoos that wrapped around his arms and wrists and connected in heavy patterns along his collarbone.

I licked my lips. He was tall and so intense, staring at me like I was a raw slab of meat and he was a hungry lion. Angel hadn’t looked at me like that in years.

That stab of pain gripped my heart again and I winced.

“I need to go,” I whispered.

We were standing in the band area, the exit was just steps away. I needed fresh air, I needed to get out of there. I needed time to think. Zoe was always talking about Tor, always telling me I should give him a chance. That he was sweet and a big teddy bear, but Tor wasn’t looking at me so sweet.

“You need to stay,” he growled.

I blinked.

His fingers curled around my biceps. I worked out, they were nice and toned, and so unbelievably small next to his large, large hands. I was barely five foot, so it wasn’t like I wasn’t used to being overwhelmed by guys.

But there was something about Tor that was so massively overwhelming it made me dizzy. I was like Alice falling through the rabbit hole, and I should be terrified of feeling so out of sorts, but I was numb.

I hadn’t been with another man, not since meeting Angel in high school my sophomore year when I was fifteen. I was twenty-three now. Nine years with one guy was practically forever for someone my age. This felt a lot like cheating.

Even though technically I wasn’t.

My heart was pounding.

I wanted him to kiss me.

But this was wrong.

It was so wrong.

I swallowed.

“I can’t stay, Tor.”

But even as I said it, I wanted him to call me on the lie. Because I did want to stay. Not because I’d been burning a secret candle for him either. Truth was, right now, I would have wanted to stay with anybody. Because I wanted to forget, I didn’t want to think about the phone call I’d just gotten. Or the fact that I’d tried so hard to save Angel. I’d done everything in my power, I’d stayed when I should have left. I’d done everything to prove that old saying false, that love wasn’t enough to save them from themselves. I was so sure I would be the exception rather than the rule.

But I’d not been enough for Angel for a long time and I hated that I should be crying and instead all I wanted to do was lose myself in a man who’d hold me, move inside me, and make me forget that the man I’d tried so hard to save had just overdosed for the second time in two years.

His sister had called in tears. The doctors had revived him and the whole family was waiting for me to come. Because that was the way it always was.

But was it selfish that I didn’t want this anymore?

Was it selfish that for once I wanted to be alive, for once I wanted to be wanted?

Was that selfish?

God, I wished someone would tell me what to do. Right now. Just tell me what to do.

“Come home with me, Jamie.”

Tomorrow I’d regret this. Tomorrow I’d hate myself, but what else was new?

“Yes, Tor. I’ll come with you.”

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