Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Where in the world is Marie Hall???

I cannot believe it, but my family's summer vacation has finally arrived! I'm over the moon stoked. We've needed something like this and am super excited that it's just about here. In the next few days I'll be flying back to the mainland for a month in a half.

Which means I won't be as active as I normally am. BUT... and you know it was coming :p, my one year self publishing anniversary is coming up and in honor of that I'll be doing a really super awesome giveaway. The prize is a secret, but I can guarantee that it's gonna be pretty darn awesome. Have you ever heard of the show, where in the world is Carmen SanDiego? Old show from the 90's when I was a young girl, jeez that makes me feel old. LOL... anyway the purpose of the show was to give clues and spotlight places that Carmen could be hiding out. Whoever made the most correct guesses won. Now, these clues won't be easy because I can only have one winner. Which means you'll have to do some sleuthing to get it right.

From the point that I ask the question you'll have 1 day to put up a guess. After that guesses will not count. I will be traveling to 7 very iconic places in the continental US which means there will be 7 questions.

After the final question is asked and all the votes are tallied I'll pick my winner based off her answers. In the case of multiple winners I'll make additional determinations as to who my ultimate winner will be.

The first question will be listed in the next few days, so keep a lookout!! And remember 1 day to vote from the point the question has been posted. The prize is gonna be super, super awesome!! I'll release pics of it very soon, but you're gonna love it. ;)

So start putting your thinking caps on! :D

Happy reading,


Jayn Wilde said...

This is so exciting! I hope you have a wonderful vacation. I'm not on FB anymore (long story) so I will have to follow the contest here. ;)

Marie Hall said...

Good to see you around again, Jayn. :) And I'm sure we will. We've been looking forward to this for years.

Joselyn Burke said...

OH myyy i loved that show i watched it all the time I will be playing that a lot with you =)

Gabby said...

Watched that show a few times when I was a kid, can't wait to play your version! This'll be fun!

Marie Hall said...

It used to be one of my favorites, a way for my parents to sneak learning into a program I actually enjoyed. :p Maybe that's why I love traveling so much, who knows. :)

Gabby said...

Did you officially decide when you're going to start this? Just curious and kind of excited!

Marie Hall said...

I know exactly where I'm going to start this! ;) I've even got all my questions already mapped out. But I won't ask them until I'm actually at those places. My plan is to start and end this when I leave and come back. So it'll be nearly a month long of questions. :) The questions won't begin until Wednesday. I fly out Monday, but I'm giving myself a day to adjust to the jet lag before I go out and sight see. :)