Thursday, June 6, 2013


Spent the day tracking down accountants, asking a million questions, setting up consolations and just hoping to find someone decent and reputable. Taxes are probably the most least fun part of writing. I wish I could just write and leave the rest up to someone else, but since I'm now going to have to start filing quarterly, that isn't really a choice. Though, I love writing and being able to make a living off what I do, I do miss the days when I only had to file once a year and never had to pay into the IRS.  Sadly, those days are looooong gone. lol...

Oh well... what are you gonna do? I'm now a small business owner, and though that is very cool to say, it also comes with its fair share of headaches.

No writing today, have about an hour before military guy comes home. Think I might get in a little Alex one on one time. I think I deserve it. ;)

Happy reading,

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