Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Howler's Night is now LIVE

Everywhere. :D

The Priest was back. Her home was safe. And Pandora had even managed to secure a powerful ally in the Zombie Queen. But in one fell swoop none of it mattered. She’s been abducted by a secret organization known only as the Triad, and they’re conducting experiments, treating her like a lab rat: cutting her open, dissecting her, and keeping her hostage. And she’s slowly going mad. Her demons are asleep, and no one knows where to find her. She’s completely isolated, and the Triad mean to break her. But for what purpose? And to what end?

Desperate to get back to her life and the people she loves Pandora manages a miraculous escape... Or has she? All she knows is she's woken up in the woods, alone and terrified and with no memories of who she really is.

Only one thought keeps hammering away at her. The prophecy. A legend, that states Pandora is the key to unlocking Armageddon. The truth of who she is, of what the Triad has made her become, has been sealed in her memory banks. And if she can just remember, she knows she can stop whatever they've got planned.

"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him..."

From NY Times & USA Today bestselling author Marie Hall comes the third installment in the dark and riveting Night Series.


Becca Bruner said...

My dear Ms. Hall...i just finished Howler's Night. I won't leave any spoilers but you are killing me. Wonderful job. Fabulous story. I will be waiting with baited breath for the final installment. Thank you....again, job well done!

Rebecca Bruner.

Marie Hall said...

Thank you so much, Becca. :) So glad you enjoyed it. :D

aabbyy said...

I still dream of Hater. I adored those men of Kingdom and now you have me engrossed in Pandora's story. I cannot wait to lock myself away and read book 4. Lol I still giggle how every time I'm about to snap and have a moment I think of the words Red Rain loI thank you Marie Hall. Your talent has brought me many hours I've enjoyed reading your books :)

Marie Hall said...

Thank you so much! Very glad you've enjoyed those books. :)

Reno R. Greenidge said...

I have been trying to read the last book and none of the links to Barnes and Noble or Amazon work. Please update the links or point me in the direction to purchase your book please.

Franca Serafini said...

I would like to read this book too but I cannot purchase it anywhere!
Could you give us some other link that works, please

Marie Hall said...

Hi guys, sorry I don't check this website much anymore. I recently wrote my final post stating that I had to kill off my Marie Hall pen name along with a couple of my books. Night series being one of them. If you guys would like to know about what's going on with the books or ask me any other questions pertaining to books please feel free to write to me at mariehallwrites@gmail.com