Monday, November 18, 2013

Fairy Tale Magic

Did you know that in just a few short days (December 1) myself and some of my good friends, Chanda Hahn, RaShelle Workman, and Cameron Jace will be releasing a fairy tale boxed set with some of our favorite stories inside?

Chanda Hahn:

Jared's Quest (Never before seen bonus short)

RaShelle Workman:

Blood and Snow
Revenant in Training
The Vampire Christopher
Blood Soaked Promises
Gabriel (Never before seen bonus short)
Witch Magic
Witch Land

Marie Hall:

Hook's Pan
Hatter's Treasure (Never before seen bonus short)

Cameron Jace:

Snow White Blood Red
Ashes to Ashes Cinder to Cinder
Beauty Never Dies
Ladle Rat Rotton Hut
Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Blood Apples

So you see, this is gonna be AMAZING. And well, if you want more Hatter, then you've seriously got to remember to bookmark this collection! ;)

Love fairytales... with a twist? Dive into 4 different worlds of fairy from four amazing authors of the genre. Read about a descendent of the brothers grimm fighting to break a cruse, Snow White who craves blood, fairy tale creatures buried in dreams whose true stories are written in the book of sands, and a Captain Hook who's thirst for Peter's blood is more than the stories have made it out to be. Whether you're looking for sensual romance, nail-biting fantasy, a new and sexy Snow, or a mysterious curse, check out this amazing boxed set from four bestselling authors of twisted fairy tales.

Also, on top of all this greatness I wanted to mention that I'll be releasing a brand new Kingdom story (Moon's Flower) on the 7th of December! Tis the season for giving, right? :p Make sure to keep a look out and if you haven't signed up for my newsletter and want to keep up with all my latest releases, make sure you do Newsletter
Happy reading!


Mittens said...

Is there a way to still get this?! My friend and I are desperate to read these!!!

Marie Hall said...

Unfortunately there isn't. :( But you can still get all the books separately if you'd like. I'm currently running a freebie of Hook's Pan on BN and Smashwords. Amazon hasn't price matched it yet, I keep hoping. And I know Cameron Jace's contribution was free as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi, is the short story about Hatter and Alice available anywhere? Just found your Kingdom series!

Marie Hall said...

Yes, it's called Danika's Surprise and it's available wherever online books are sold. :)